Chuck it! I got myself a domain name

Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.
Phil McGraw

So, till yesterday I was not willing to associate this blog with a domain name. I wanted this space to be a personal journal and was planning to get multiple domain names so that I can host different topics of interest on their respective domain name.

But then, I am a man of many tastes… so why hide this. Now I am going to post all the content in this space in a nice, clean, and segregated format so that my readers are easily able to get to the kind of articles they’d be interested in.

Things I plan to post on this blog are quick tutorials, my views and reviews. The tutorials would be for computer programming, cooking, life-hacks etc., while the views & reviews section will include current affairs, politics, gadgets I use etc.

I hope you readers would be a better judge of the content and let me know when I should split this blog into verticals of specific interest.


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Author: Sundar Thirugnanam

An IT Laborer by the day and a cynically optimistic guy trying to break free from the matrix during after hours. I write, I shoot and I ramble over here. Cheers.

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