Fixed it! Now it’s time to get doing some serious stuff.

All’s Well That Ends Well – William Shakespeare

Nothing could be truer than this. Yeah, I was able to get the SSL certificate working on the website yesterday evening. A huge shout out to Rudy Gomez from the Let’s Encrypt community for guiding me to fix the issue.

No product is better than the support experience that it delivers and for that, I would give Let’s Encrypt – a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), that runs for the public’s benefit, a mega thumbs-up!!!

So whats the update on Day 4?

Well, I have started work to prepare some articles on Computer Science subject. It will about the well-known mathematical problems presented to stimulate the programmers’ mind to solve some problems and develop their skills at writing better programs.

Of course, it would be wrong for you to read the solution without first applying your mind towards solving it. I would not be solving all of them, but definitely enough of it, so that I am able to help you to get on to the right approach towards problem-solving.

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Author: Sundar Thirugnanam

An IT Laborer by the day and a cynically optimistic guy trying to break free from the matrix during after hours. I write, I shoot and I ramble over here. Cheers.

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