How much does it cost to run a blog?

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Sorry, I could not post for the last couple of days. Was feeling a bit under the weather and hence was doing the bare minimum to get past the day. Also, I noticed there was some issue with the mail delivery with the blog and was working with Digital Ocean support to get it sorted.

So, coming to the topic of the day, how much does it cost to run a blog like this?

In order to host this blog, I have subscribed to cheapest option available on Digital Ocean and it costs me US $ 5 + taxes that works out to US $ 5.90 per month. Then I got the domain name and Domain Privacy from which worked out to Rs. 916 for a year.

I use a dedicated Jio (4g mobile service) connection to update this blog. That costs me Rs. 499 for 90 days. I also got myself an Alcatel Pop 4 (10″) Tablet with a keyboard, that I use to compose, edit my blog posts. (Review of it coming soon). I paid around Rs. 11,000 for it.

So let us calculate the total

Rs. 420.00 – Monthly subscription charge for hosting.
Rs. 077.00 – Monthly cost of Domian Name.
Rs. 167.00 – Monthly cost of Internet connection.

Rs. 664.00 – Total Expense per month to keep the blog running

So at a monthly investment of Rs. 664 or approximately US $ 10.00, you can have your own blog. And how much do I make on this blog? The answer is, at the moment – nothing.

But then I did not undertake this venture to make money on the internet. It is more of an outlet for me to express myself, share my thoughts, knowledge and experience, and connect with a community of people with similar interests.

If you want any help in setting up your blog, leave a comment below the article or message me through the contact page, I will be more than happy to help you out.

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