Don’t grow roots

You are a human, and if you stay too long in some place, some situation, trust me – you will end up growing roots. Not the real physical roots that go deep down into the ground and hold the tree steady above the ground, but metamorphic roots that also do the same to you, and more.

The best advise I ever got was “Stop cribbing, Move, You are not a tree.” After having heeded to the advice and gotten into a much better place than I was, I am today, passing on the advice to someone who may be in need of it.

You may be stuck in a routine, a job, or a place which you do not like. You may not like what you do for a living, you may be surrounded by people who do no good to you, you may not like the food in the cafeteria at your workplace or the time you have to spend to get to work.

You always have the option to move. Make a choice. Get rid of the dickhead manager by changing jobs, go out to eat or cook yourself, change the people around you – join a new team or find another group, and of course get a home closer to your workplace.

Yeah, I know you’d say its easy to give the advice but neither easy or practical to do. Well, you are right if you think so. No one can make you do something that you are not willing to do. If you find the will, you will find a way to do it. I am not gonna write a step-by-step guide on how to fire your employer and hire a new one or provide you with recipes of some delicious dishes that you can cook for your lunch.

If are here and you have been reading till here, then congratulations! you are already thinking about moving… that means you have already completed step 1 of 2. The next step, step number two and the final step in the process, is … MOVE.

Author: Sundar Thirugnanam

An IT Laborer by the day and a cynically optimistic guy trying to break free from the matrix during after hours. I write, I shoot and I ramble over here. Cheers.

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