Why New-Year resolutions fail

Its T+4 Days and how are you fairing on your resolutions for 2019?

It is hard to keep up your new year resolutions, you know why? Because you never intended to do it anyways, it was always on your “good to have” list and not on the “must have” list.

You waited for a whole effing year so that you could make a new year resolution about something so that you can work on it for maybe a couple of weeks and then forget all about it.

Let us be honest, the new year resolution was all about getting rid of your guilt. You just needed to show yourself that you tried and tried hard, but things got in the way, life got in the way of keeping up with your resolutions.

You don’t need any new year to do something or get something done. Every day is as good as any other day of the year to do something good. You wanna know how to get it done? Then read on…

Here is how you do it. Every morning, if and when you wake up – make a resolution to move an inch further from where you left yesterday.

If you want to get into shape, no need to hit the gym on 1st January and disappear from the scene on the 7th. Instead, decide to take the straits to at least the 1st floor in the first week. Every week, increase the number of floors by one until you are walking all the way up the building. If your office is on the first floor, then walk down from the top floor of the building. Walk a little before you hail a cab or get onto the bus. Get down a few 100 meters away from your pad and walk. Eat a little less, eat a little more healthy. Wake up a little early. Walk down the stairs. Stop using the apps to order food and walk to a nearby eatery.

None of the above activities needs you to stretch yourself. You do not need the willpower to walk to the first floor or subsequent floors. You do not need the willpower to walk down the stairs or to get down early from the bus/cab and walk home.

All you need to get into shape is to have more exercise. In order to get more exercise, you make some small and simple changes to the way you do things.

No need to gather willpower to wake up a couple of hours early in the morning to hit the gym where you bought an expensive annual subscription so that you can wear that exclusive/expensive training outfit.

And that is how you get your resolutions done. If your resolution was to get a new job, create a new resume every day for each profile you are interested in applying for and apply for at least 10 of them every day. If you wanted to save some money, just open a recurring deposit account and set up an automatic transfer every month. If you want to make more money, then start working on your portfolio, a few minutes a day.

Learn and use tools that would make your life easy and do not require willpower to do the thing. Willpower is one of the most overrated things and they want you to believe in it so that everything that is important to you is made to look like an insurmountable objective requiring willpower the size of Everest.

Hope you wake up with a new resolution every day and complete it before you go to sleep.

Author: Sundar Thirugnanam

An IT Laborer by the day and a cynically optimistic guy trying to break free from the matrix during after hours. I write, I shoot and I ramble over here. Cheers.

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