ChuckingFoot.com was born out of frustration. The frustration that you accumulate over the years of writing to a guideline, to a pre-defined vocabulary and a captive audience. As a technical writer, I (am made to) write a lot of guides, for example, Installation Guide, Configuration Guide, Troubleshooting Guide etc., to name a few.

I do not get to use the awesome vocabulary, that would do justice, to describe some of the interesting and amazing features that took thousands of man-hours to develop, instead, I have to use a very bland language that says, yes, we also have this feature.

The years of accumulation of awe, wonder, appreciation, amazement, etc., needed an outlet and ChuckingFoot.com was born. Here I write about things I like, things I love, and at times even things I hate.

This is a one-man sailboat, with room for more people to come aboard. If you are searching for a place in the vast ocean that the internet is, where you could just get onboard, post your thoughts and then sail away to your day job, feel free to get in touch with me, through the form below.