Send Some Coffee

Coffee gives me incredible powers. It helps me jumpstart my day with an amazing spark. On days that I find it quite difficult to get out of bed, a cup of coffee is all I need to trigger my brain to snap out of it and boot-up.

Coffee has been a social lubricant that helps in initiating conversations with unknown people. Find their views about topics that I am interested in. Conversations around coffee are harmless, engrossing and nobody gets hurt in the end, at least physically (you never can predict the outcome when you have a pitcher on the table).

Coffee helps me stay awake at night and active when I am working on an article that is nearing a deadline. It makes me feel good and the goodness then reflects in my work. It makes me happy on a rainy or gloomy day. I have literally survived just on coffee some days.

So if you like what you read here, and would like me to continue posting more, then send some coffee my way. Scan the QR code below in your favourite payment/banking app.

Caffé Americano Tall – Rs. 110/-
Caffé Americano Short – Rs. 145/-
Caffé Americano Grande – Rs. 170/-

Caffé Americano Venti – Rs. 195/-